Saturday, April 11, 2009


I want to be the light of your eyes
the warmth of your soul
The everything and more
You could ever ask for
I love you
But it takes you loving me too
Not by your words-
(Just) throw them to the wind
Give me your actions,
The motivation behind them.
And you will find yourself
As the light in my eyes.


Lover, fall onto me
Fall into me
And stretch about
Let the sun- my love-
Warm your skin
Be comfortable, be warm
As the heat grows stronger
It becomes sustinence-
A heart beat, life and breath
Moments lengthen
Boundaries are erased
Are you me?
Or are you just in me?
There is nothing left
But to face Him


Search deep-
It will be there
Bright with light
Please care!

Hope is the ray
Full of power!
Start to believe
Right this hour!

Turn the hate
Into love-
Need help?
Ask the ONE above.

Not really the key
Only move on-
Can’t you see?

Reaching for the future
And sharing what you’ve learned
Will defeat the evil
Letting goodness take its turn.


I imagined I saw you
But instead of calling out your name
I let you walk by
You’re a stranger now
Nothing that connected us
Continues to exist
I live on- thinking
With a little sadness
How things turned out.
Life is quite ironic
And keeps me interested
With its little twists


I wonder about your kiss-
Is it comforting?
I wonder about your eyes-
Will they view me fondly- unconditionally?
I wonder about your arms-
Are they always able to hug- instantly?
I wonder about you-
Would you be happy with me?
I wonder about me…

Thursday, April 9, 2009


You became my knight
Dressed in white
You swept me off my feet
Too bad not under the sheet
You kissed me with passion
I wish it wasn’t my fashion-
My confidence I forsake
The torment is a dull ache.


March 14, 1999 11:03pm

Against my better judgment
My admiration for you
Remains consistent.
Doubts creep in.
But what are they in
Comparison to a
Smile or touch from you?


February 21, 1999

Not even a day
Since I’ve seen you last
I can’t seem to get you
Out of my head.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I love you for being brave.
I love you for sharing that information-
You really did mention "the most difficult."

I'm proud of you for not shying away from the truth.
For unrolling it out to 8 strangers-
For letting your eyes fill with tears,
And for letting your voice crack.

Thank you for being blatantly human;
And rawly honest;
I love your vulnerable history.

Thank you for letting me hear it; and see it.