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The website is an idea sparked by my first book.
So many people don’t express Love and Appreciation for each other…because they are scared? because they don’t think it’s important? because they’re embarrassed by their feelings? maybe because they haven’t even taken the time to truly examine how they feel?

For whatever reason, we let moments pass us by each day. Moments that we could seize and use for good; moments that give us the opportunity to share Love and Appreciation with the people who make our lives special.

Love is often used to define a romantic feeling towards a companion. And I hope to have plenty of romantic letters and posts here on the site. But I also want to highlight all the other avenues of love, for example:
  • The love we feel for family members
  • The love we feel towards our friends
  • The love we feel in a moment of connection with a stranger
We let some moments pass because, we struggle with how to say what we feel!
I know that words have caught in my throat because my feelings were just so strong and I didn’t know how to get them out.

A good friend of mine, who helped me edit my book, suggested using categories to organize them. He came up with four (4) and I’ve added a fifth one to the mix.
  • I thank you
  • I love you
  • I want you
  • I miss you
  • I’m sorry
If you can pick a category, it will help you nail down the words that you want to express. The words of Love and Appreciation that we should all be willing to express to each other.

Don’t complain about missing an opportunity ever again. Just say it, “I love you.”
Submit a letter on the website, so that we can share your words of Love and Appreciation with everyone!

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