Wednesday, May 13, 2009


You were different than what I expected.
You looked different than I expected-
You were very midwestern, of healthy stock.

And not that I didn't expect you to be kind-
But you were so kind and so gentle.
So sensitive to my inexperience-
To my young, overwhelmed, love-sick mind.

Thank you for letting me love him.
Thank you for making me beautiful on our night out.
I remember thinking, as you were pinning curls to my head, that you were blessing me with your love and approval, that you were placing a crown on my head.

I saw your heart melt as he did kind and loving things for me-
And I loved you for raising him that way; and for loving him for loving me.

I remember you today with fondness wishing that I could give you a hug for the lovely example you lived for me.

Monday, May 11, 2009


You are one of the most beautiful things I have seen-
Your natural beauty radiates spiritual confidence.
Any extra color would be lost in the heavenly colors that brighten your cheeks.

And I know that you are often close to tears- your pain is great. But those tears sparkle like diamonds in your eyes and on your cheeks.

You shine with grace: grace for others.

I don't really talk to you; but I listen to what you have to say-
and I love to look at you.

And I appreciate the direction of your heart...