Monday, October 31, 2011


I love Halloween. I love dressing up. I love that you teased me and criticized; 
I love that you noticed.

The undefined nature of our connection terrifies me all the time, but I grin and bear it like so many pumpkin jack-o-laterns turned smiley faces.  I don't know what else to do. I love your attention; and I hate it when it leaves me scalded by your more-harsh-than-teasing tone. And I wonder how much longer your kind deeds will outweigh the times you've bruised my feelings with words.

But I wouldn't want you to change; because I love you just the way you are...
Trick or treat!

Happy Halloween.


(you know, the one that's yours)

How do you sign your Love Letters?

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Enjoy this recorded speech from one of my favorite musicians.


I believe in the omens...
In this case, it isn't that the ring doesn't fit properly -- I'd like to be more positive than that; 
it's that I got a ring in the first place...and that it says LOVE.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Love should make us grin. 
And, it hits us where we live and with what we do. 
If you're a geek, enjoy the geeky love...
'cause, there's nothing like it!

Chingchingaaa! writes:

I found these funny illustrations in the net yesterday. The article was actually entitled, "Nerdy Dirty Illustrations for Nerds In Love." But I believe that these do not only apply to the nerds because when you are trapped in the four letters of L-O-V-E, you'd be weirder than you've ever been.

I found this post on Wave Avenue


Moments like these - spontaneous connections like these = Love

Found this link on Positive Atmosphere


You respond to every word

Spoken softly from my lips

Hard, yet smooth as silk

Beneath my fingertips

Warming the bed beside me

Whispering sweetly in my ear

Somehow you always know

Just what I want to hear

I feel so much better

Knowing you are close by

For, when I am without you,

My heart begins to cry

I'll never love another

Nearly quite so much

My one, my only

My iPod Touch

Written by J. W. on March 23, 2011


Love always triumphs over what we call death. That's why there's no need to grieve for our loved ones, because they continue to be loved and remain by our side.

from Aleph by Paulo Coelho


In Love, sometimes you have to let give space for growth and development. It's hard.

You want this person around you all the time, because you love and admire them, but...sometimes....without change....there is no growth and development.

And, Love is dynamic.
We can't allow our selfishness to curse it into a stagnant state.

I really enjoyed this paragraph from a story written by Caroline M. Yoachim: Tending The Mori Birds

“When you’re ready,” she said. Prem reached out to her. She was his dream, and she gave him the strength to bear his sorrow. He could not leave her like this, dying, but never dead. It would be so cruel, so heartless. The bird, her bird, stared at him from its cage. It was her cage, too. She had given him the key and become his prisoner. Could he release her? He went to her, held her in his arms as he had done in his mind so many times. He ran the tips of his fingers down the side of her neck till they rested above her collarbone, and the skin was as smooth as he’d always imagined.

You can listen to the story on PodCastle - they hosted the story for Episode 155.

You can read the entire story on Fantasy Magazine.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Seriously, this should be the mantra for each home.

Think of the blessings we would heap upon ourselves, if we followed this kind of path as best as we could each day….wowzers!

This makes me smile - and I strive to raise my lil man in a home that holds on to these statements as instinctively as breathing.

Picture shared on G+ by!/@al3ka_


I love this letter:

It reminds us that sometimes other feelings exist, sometimes negative feelings, within Love...but they don't automatically overrule Love. You can be mad, and express it...and take some time and space to get over it -- but it doesn't mean you Love any less.

Aeryk, thank you for sharing this - I ♥ you


romantic love often leads to sex
and, if you’re ready to share sex….
you might as well be ready to laugh

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I love walking into an establishment and seeing this kind of notice.
It’s my favorite kind of place to be in and spend my money at!

The Roasted Coffee Depot in downtown Graham, NC


I love you…
In this moment, I am so confident in our love, in our connection. I can’t think of anything I love more than being together with you - I want the whole world to know how I feel. I want the whole world to know that at this moments we are together, we are each other’s.


I wish I was your favorite girl
I wish you thought I was the reason you are in the world
I wish my smile was your favorite kind of smile
I wish the way that I dressed was your favorite kind of style

I wish you couldn’t figure me out
But you always wanna know what I was about
I wish you’d hold my hand
When I was upset

Basically, I wish that you loved me
I wish that you needed me
I wish that you knew when I said two sugars,
Actually I meant three

— Lyrics from The Nicest Thing by Kate Nash

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Love should include the heart and the mind working together towards the ultimate goal.



Love = sharing your strength with strings attached

Love = sharing your vulnerability with strings attached.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Lovers Leap Wayside, Virgina

And I say, “You should leap into love. Don’t tip toe in. 
It’s one of those things - it’s better as an “all or nothing” experience.” 

(most of the time)

Monday, October 24, 2011


Love = taking responsibility of the life around you with care