The Challenge

There’s no denying it – facing your feelings and actually being honest with yourself is hard enough; but putting them down on paper?! Yep, that’s even harder. But that’s the challenge: be brave, seize the day, face your love!

In her preface to readers, J. A. Busfield states:

How many times have we been urged to “seize the moment” and let that special someone know how we feel about them?

We all encourage each other to do it.
I am sure that I can pull up at least 10 chain emails from various friends with the inevitable comment: 

“As I look back on my life, I wish I had taken more opportunities to let the people around me know that they were important and that I loved them.”

And, since I am a big fan of, you know, living my life to the fullest and making every moment count, I decided that I would indeed tell “those people in my life” that I loved them. Obviously, I would skip the awkward part and just write it down instead of telling them to their face. No need to indulge in more painfully awkward life moments than necessary. They are already abundantly available without adding any fertilizer of my own.

I’ve got nothing new. No outbreak on revelations of love or how to say “I love you.” You’ll find the four ordinary sentiments used by anyone on any day of the week: I thank you, I love you, I want you, I miss you. The only credit I can claim, and it’s a small one, is that I am taking a minute to say what I feel when I feel it.

I’ve seized my day…gotten off my duff…taken advantage of the moment.

So, embrace your life; seize your day, as it were.
Live everyday like you’re dying. Dance around a bit.
And tell that person that you love them, however it is that you choose to do it.

Don’t be a chicken. Just get it done.

And so, there’s the Challenge: get it done! Stop saying you’ll do it and just do it. There’s no perfect moment – even staged perfect moments are beautiful for their imperfections.

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