Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A complete stranger and she hugged me twice. She welcomed me with open arms after 30 seconds of sharing the same space.

I felt loved, accepted, supported; like this was a "back in the day" girlfriend, like we've been friends forever.

And I've only just met you-
And let me be clear. In some ways, I've only just met me. Thank you for giving me your phone number; you don't know how many times I've wanted to call and share with you, but I am not sure what to say- "Remember me? The girl you just met the other day for 30 minutes?"

And then I feel foolish for not already calling and for leaving things hanging in the way I have- we should go out for drinks. Teach me this area; share with me your love and passion for the locals. And yes, help me find my colors; help me choose the ones that will make me beautiful.

Let's dance and drink and hug again.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I don't deserve you.
Your constant, never-ending belief in my capabilities humbles me. Your flow of spirit-energy gives me this perpetual hugged feeling; my hope is ever renewed.

You are beautiful to me.
You are your own light from which I draw strength.
Thank you for believing in my light and tending to it.

Friday, March 6, 2009


You were the class clown
We shared meaningful glances
Your grin did incomprehensible things to my heartbeat
I knew that we were meant to be together forever
But we were young
And I moved away
I hope that your grin still exists
I hope that someone has fallen in love with it
I hope that you are happy

Thank you for sharing your grin
Thank you for making my young heart race

Thank you for never breaking my heart.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


There she stands-
In all her glory as fire keeper.
She majestically wears a house dress,
Making it seem more like a satin gown.

It is a bold, African print;
Billowy and perfectly complimenting her tone:
Of skin, of attitude, of life.

I lean on her knowledge and experience.
She leads me down this path of burning my past:
There are rules for such things:
For protection- of body, of nature, of heart.

She brandishes her mixing stick:
A twisted thing of length.
She teaches and explains the process:
She shares.

And I drink in the moment of teaching.
I am awed by her beauty, knowledge, ravage nature.
I appreciate the moment of nearness;
And I am sad for the upcoming separation.

I love this woman and her ways.
I respect our differences;
And want to be more like her at the same time.
I am moved that she is my friend-
That she had been my friend for more than half my life.

And that we have more life to live together.


You let me be me and I am thankful for that.
You let me be loud and crazy: thank you.
You let me leave: thank you?